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Junior Performance Program in Fremont

It’s about commitment. It’s about competition. It’s about excellence.

Youth High Performance Coaching program in FremontLooking for a way to excel and reach your tennis goals? Looking to dedicate your skills and knowledge to a program that offers more?

The Jr. Performance Program is designed for dedicated players searching for a comprehensive training program. Students here are selected based on their work ethic, attitude, discipline, and skills.

We meet on Wednesdays, Fridays from 6pm to 8 pm and Sundays from 1:00pm-3:00pm at the Glenmoor Tennis Center: Map. The monthly rate for one practice per week is $230, two practices per week is $270. The Euro Performance Member monthly rate is $200 for one practice per week, $240 two practices per week (buy). A drop-in option is available for attending a two hour session at $70 and must be scheduled ahead of time.

For evaluation session (15-20 minutes) email If you’re serious about becoming a competitive tennis player, this is the only way to move forward.

Euro School of Tennis’ Superb Junior Development Programs in San Francisco Bay Area!

Dreaming to make your little one a tennis star? Want your child to excel his or her performance as a tennis player? All you have to do is to get the child enrolled to junior tennis program of Euro School of Tennis. Help him or her to hone up skills and accomplish his or her goals in a hassle free way. Allow your child to get most of this type of tennis program. Help your kid to become a champion in his or her forthcoming tennis tournament. For all, Euro School of Tennis is the one stop destination.

Why to Choose Junior Performance Program of Euro School of Tennis?

Junior Tennis Program: Your Child’s Passport to Middle or High School Team!

Want your child to get selected for school team? If so, then Junior Performance Program is your ultimate destination. We expect that all our students will develop competence to participate in USTA tournaments and to get selected to Junior Team Tennis. The objective of this year long tennis program is to make him or her fit for a tough tennis tournament, build up his or her mental and physical strength as well as enhance skills by all possible means.

Make your child fit as a tennis player

Health is wealth and for a budding tennis player, fit and healthy body is a stepping stone towards his or her success also. And each session of this program aims at improving each student’s consistency, balance, speed as well as stamina. Our proficient tennis instructors focus on improving technical skills and techniques of their students so that they are successful in enhancing their speed, power, accuracy of tennis strokes they play. Plus, they help your child to choose the right shot as well as pattern.

Challenge your limitations!

Want your child to go beyond your limits and challenge his or her own inabilities? Let your child join the program as soon as possible. Whether you want him or her to play doubles match or you want to improve points in singles match, Euro School is here to help you. Let your child learn the stunning tennis tactics and take his or her tennis training experience to the next level.

Becoming a Euro Performance Member

Option # 1: $200/month*  Option # 2: $240/month*
One(1) Jr. Performance practices a week   Two(2) Jr. Performance practices a week
One complimentary 30 minutes private lesson with a staff member every two months  One complimentary 30 minutes private lesson with a staff member every two months
Complimentary Euro Tennis T-Shirt  Complimentary Euro Tennis T-Shirt
Priority Scheduling (Ability to reserve a spot ahead of time without advanced payment)  Priority Scheduling (Ability to reserve a spot ahead of time without advanced payment)
Automatic monthly payment billed via your Credit Card/ATM  Automatic monthly payment billed via your Credit Card/ATM
Ability to freeze a membership for up to 3 months a year  Ability to freeze a membership for up to 3 months a year
*Requires 12 months commitment  *Requires 12 months commitment
Click Here to Start Your $200 Membership Now!  Click Here to Start Your $240 Membership Now!

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Jr Performance Schedule

Wednesdays 6 pm-8 pm
Fridays 6 pm-8 pm
Sunday 1:00 pm-3:00 pm


  • Wed/Fri 11/1-11/29 (No class: 11/24) : Sign-Up
  • Wed/Sun 11/1-11/26 : Sign-Up
  • Fri/Sun 11/3-12/1 (No class: 11/24) : Sign-Up



First 5 Do’s

Give Positive Support
This is the most important. Positive parents were perceived to provide many different types of support to help their child be successful in tennis. Types of support rated highly included financial, logistical, social, and emotional. Moreover, positive parents provide their child with tennis opportunities and make sacrifices so their child can succeed, and most importantly, provide unconditional love to their child. Generally, positive parents were felt to give much encouragement to their child. Be a healthy role model for your children by being positive and relaxed at matches and by having balance in your life.
Remember That Tennis is Just a Game
Trust The Coach
Provide Guidance
Winning Is Not Everything

First 5 Don’ts

Putting pressure on your child to win
Making Tennis Too Serious
Criticizing the Coach
Showing Negative Emotions
Expecting a Payback