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Mommy, Daddy and Me Tennis (Ages 2.5 to 4)

Bay Area tennis classes for tots ages 2.5-3

“I have always liked tennis, but when choosing the sport activity for my 5 year old son I was afraid he was not quite ready for it. We decided to try anyway and my son has been happily attending Pee Wee tennis sessions all Summer and we plan him to continue on. My son’s teacher, Alex, is absolutely great! He is making every class a great experience where a child learns tennis techniques in an easy fun way. I also noticed taking tennis classes helps to improve my son’s coordination and reaction, and being an outdoor activity makes it a perfect experience! I would highly recommend the Euro School of Tennis to any child!”

– Rimma S.

Searching for the perfect way to introduce your child to the game of tennis? This class offers a fun way to interact with your child while teaching them the basics of the game.

Did You Know? Kids learn in a number of different ways, and when they’re under the age of four, they primarily learn through play. Working with them in an active setting, like our Mommy, Daddy, and Me Class, is an important part of both their physical and mental development.

It’s Never Too Early!

During our Mommy, Daddy, and Me class, parents and children participate together in fun, age-appropriate activities that will help your little one develop the motor and socialization skills necessary to continue with tennis as they grow. Our goal here is to teach parents how to play with children while still developing their skills.

An Overview

Each week, you and your young tennis star will participate in a variety of different activities and games designed around the sport of tennis. It’s important to note that some of the games you’ll be playing don’t actually resemble tennis. Instead, they focus on the motor skills necessary for tennis.

Throughout each session, we’ll use age-appropriate equipment like low compression foam balls as well as an 18′ junior net to help ease your kids into the game.

The Details

This class is designed for kids ages 2 1/2 to 4. There will be one instructor for every six students enrolled. We meet once each week, and parents are required to join their budding tennis star for the entirety of the class. After all, the goal here is to spend quality time with your toddler while learning more about tennis.


  • What to bring?

    Be sure to wear your tennis shoes and a sports outfit, because this is not a class where you’ll sit on the sidelines and watch your child play. You’ll be interacting with them every step of the way and encouraging them to try new things. Also, don’t forget your bottle of water or a sports drink for snack time!

  • What kind of
    racket I need?

    Bring a size 19/21 tennis racquet for your child.

The right age for
children to begin
playing the sport
of tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world today.

Just as there is no single racquet that is right for everyone, there is not one specific age to start playing tennis.

Each child should be evaluated individually on their motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and attention span.

I have taught children as young as 3.5 years of age who could hit various strokes for a half hour and be able hit the ball over
the net. …..

Counting down the
many benefits of
tennis for kids

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world today.

Every kid while growing up, dreamed of becoming a sports personality, and being a tennis star in one of them.

Tennis as a fitness could change the lifestyle of any kid. More parents nowadays…