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San Jose Junior & Adult Tennis Clinics (Ages 4 & Up)

Important note! We currently do not have use of a facility in the San Jose area. All clinics are on hiatus until further notice. If you would like to be notified via email when we are able to hold our clinics and other programming, contact us and let us know at
  • Junior Tennis Clinics: Learning the basics of the game is the only way to move forward, and our junior tennis lessons are designed to do just that. First class instruction is part of everything we do and we work to keep fun at the forefront of the game. Our clinics are designed for kids ages four to fourteen.
  • Adult Tennis Clinics: Your tennis game doesn’t have to stay that way! Designed to help you focus on the mechanics of the game that will ensure you win, every tennis class means professional analysis and real advice.


  • How to choose a racket

    We generally recommend 2 methods when choosing rackets:
    1. Based on age group:
    19 inch racket for ages 3 and under
    21 inch racket for ages 3 to 4
    23 inch racket for ages 4 to 5
    25 inch racket for ages 6 to 7
    26 inch racket for ages 8 to 10
    2. Another way to find-out the right size is if you have your child hold their arm outstretched and parallel to the ground.
    Place a racket in his/her fingertips. The racket should barely touch the ground. Please note this is not precise method.

What to Bring?

  • Tennis Racket
  • Non-Marking Tennis Shoes
  • Hat and Sports attire (No Jeans)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water or Favorite drink